2 Avery SWF Workshops at Restylers’ Choice

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Avery SWF Restyler's Choice

Avery SWF Restyler’s Choice

Last week I taught two Avery SWF workshops at Restylers’ Choice in Cincinnati.  Both sold out workshops were filled with really eager students which made both days flow.  There was a wide variety of Avery SWF on hand for the participants to practice with – gloss, matte, white/black carbon, brushed metallic and gold/blue chrome.  Thanks as always to Knifeless Tape and Croftgate USA for sponsoring these workshops.  So nice to see everyone’s positive reaction to how well the Wrapcare JP works on the chrome.  A big thanks to Doug and everyone at Restylers’ Choice for being such cool hosts (and for taking us go cart racing).   Linda Ebbinghaus from Avery for her help before, during and after.  I love these Avery SWF workshops as they really allow me to let loose in terms of showing the really deeper aspects of wrapping.  Cool stuff.



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