3 New Videos and Finalizing Production of New DVD

An exciting day for me.  I finish editing 3 new training videos – Vinyl Cutouts, Removals and Post Install Tips.  I will be doing this with Danny Hollander, the superstar editor/cameraman who made the previous videos for Techniques and Tips: Vehicle Graphic Installations. 

We will also be working on reconfiguring the online videos into a DVD.  I find the editing/creative process of making videos and DVDs to be very challenging and gratifying.  I never realized how much effort, time and thought goes into making videos.  It looks so simple but, believe me, its not.  I’m lucky to have Danny on my side. 

The new videos will be live on Carwraps by next week and the new DVD will be premiered at SIMA, the world’s largest carshow.  I will be wrapping a Prius in Mutoh’s booth to promote this instructional platform I have created with Carwraps. 

For the SIMA show, I will do 2 special demos in the afternoon sessions where I will completely wrap the Prius from start to finish in under 90 minutes with an installer from Squeezy, the premiere installation company here in the Netherlands.  Its really something to see so please come by Mutoh’s booth and check it out.

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2 Responses to 3 New Videos and Finalizing Production of New DVD

  1. kiang2x(nicknme) says:

    could iask for tips about wrapping a vehicle?im from the philippines and car wrapping is starting to have a grip in our country…and ive been tring to acquire your videos but ive been having a hard time…id realy appreciate this.. tnx..

  2. admin says:

    hey there – if you go to http://www.carwraps.net and then go to video training you can sign up to watch the videos online and get the free practice kit. we are changing the price from $199 for a month to $199 for a year. this should take place this weekend so check it out on monday. if you have any more problems you can contact me directly at justin@justinpate.net.

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