Alaska Private Workshops

After completing the first round of the Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap in Texas and Florida I flew to Alaska to teach two private workshops.  The first one was for Print Works in Homer.  For this workshop I worked with Kevin and Scott Fraley for two days.  During this time we wrapped a zamboni and Kevin’s truck.  They picked everything up super quick and were great hosts.  Homer is incredibly beautiful.  I can’t imagine how it is in the summer.







After Homer, I flew up to Anchorage and taught a two day workshop for PIP Printing.  During this workshop I worked with the crew at PIP and we ended up wrapping the van below.  Rich Little and Rob Litsenberger, two employees at PIP, had taken one of the Mutoh School of Wrap workshops in 2009 and wanted me to get their crew to the next level.   Rich, Rob and myself actually ended up going skiing one day and Rob treated me to some of his stash of moose (my first time tasting it – very good).

A special thanks to Paul Roba at Avery for supplying the practice material – 1005SC Easy Apply RS.  Everyone was really impressed by how it printed and the ease of installation.

Alaska is a truly magical place and, in the near future, it may have a lot more vehicle wraps thanks to Print Works and PIP Printing.

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