All That Glitters


Back in July I received several rolls of Avery’s new Supreme brushed metallic films to test.  Due to time restraints, I only had a chance to wrap key elements on my car to test its conformability and such.  Well, this week I finally found an opening to fully wrap my car with the Avery Supreme brushed metallic film and, my goodness, the film was just a joy to put on.  Extremely easy to apply, very low tac, highly conformable and didn’t become shiny when I stretched it on extreme sections like mirrors and bumpers (some brands of brushed metallic films will irreversibly change hue when stretched too much, kind of like with matte films).  The pics don’t due it justice as it really pops when the sun is shining.  However, since I’m in Amsterdam, I would have to wait until May for some sun so these are the best I could come up with.  For what its worth, because I’ve wrapped my car a few times now, I wanted to see how fast I could wrap it up.  4.5 hours from cleaning/removal to my final post heat.  Amazing what a great film allows you to do if you put your head down (and shut off the cell phone).   The new Avery Supreme brushed metallic films will be available this month.

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