Avery-Proveer Ottawa Workshop

Last week I taught a hands-on carwrap workshop in Ottawa for Avery and Proveer.  The sold out workshop had 17 attendees who worked on 4 vehicles over two days.  The location the workshop was held at was Proline Graphix.  The material they worked with was Avery’s 1005 Easy Apply RS with 1360 DOL and the Supreme Wrapping Film.  This workshop was the third workshop that Proveer organized in Canada this year and it looks like they will do the same for 2013.  The cities will most likely be Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.  If you are interested in taking this workshop be sure to contact Proveer to get the dates for 2013.  Thanks as always to everyone at Proveer and Avery for making this such a smooth event and for Serge at Proline for being the hostest with the mostest.

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