Basic Training Workshop at Squeezy

Today I finished teaching the second Basic Training Workshop at Squeezy in the Netherlands which is sponsored by 3M.  There was 10 students and I, along with Herman and Sandra, provided hands-on instruction throughout the day. For the Basic Workshop, Ruben van Raam  from 3M provided theory training about 3M, the properties of the film, how they are made and the different films and uses.  After that I talked about tools and then the students got their hands dirty for the rest of the day.  The main focus for the Basic Workshop is on learning proper fundamentals – how to squeegee, clean, cut, make text straight and problem solve.  This training is a stepping stone to the Car Wrapping workshop taught at Squeezy and for the advanced paint replacement training that begins in November.  The films used for the Basic Training varied widely so as to give the students as much experience as possible – IJ50, IJ70, 85, IJ100, IJ380 and 580 reflective film.

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