Bye Bye Sweety High Wrap

Last week when I was heading to LAX to catch my flight to Phoenix for the next round of workshops/certification for the Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap I swung by my buddy Frank’s house to remove a wrap.  In October I had wrapped his girlfriend’s BMW with Avery 1005SC Easy Apply RS and 1360 DOL.  Frank and his girlfriend run a company called Sweety High which is an online social world for girls.  They wanted to try out a carwrap so I had a design made up and the graphics printed by Mutoh on a Valuejet.  They drove their new carwrap around  LA for a few months and had lots of  positive reactions.  Actually, the reason I was removing it after only a few months was that it worked too well.  The BMW was her private car and there was always a crow around it when they came out of a restaurant or people took their pic while driving on the freeway.   They plan on doing another one but this time with a company car.  So, next time I am back in LA, Sweety High will be back in the car wrap game so keep an eye out for it.

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