Cooling Down the Homestead

Right before leaving to the U.S. to teach workshops in New Jersey and Texas I installed 3M Prestige window film on my house.  This Prestige film protects the inside of my home from UV rays, keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It was super easy to install and my daughter helped by spraying the soapy water solution (sweet thing).  What I like the most about the Prestige film is that its the only UV film available that doesn’t contain metal.  This means that it won’t disrupt cell phones and doesn’t have the mirror-like appearance from the outside like other UV films.  3M achieves this by using nano technology which I believe they purchased from Mork from Ork (nano nano) when he was visiting earth during the 80’s.  Perhaps one of my worst jokes.  That said, the difference has been amazing.  A special thanks to Ruben “the man” van Raam from 3M Netherlands for hooking me up with this film and educating me on its properties.

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