Dallas/NJ Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap Wrapped

dallas nj group
I am happy to say that the Dallas and New Jersey Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap workshops are complete.  Both sold out workshops were filled with great students which always makes it a pleasure to teach.  In the workshops we used both Avery 1005 EZRS with 1360 DOL and Supreme Wrapping Film.  In Dallas, Darren Whitten of Whitten Graphics brought his Mercedes in and wrapped it in camo.  Very spectacular.  My wife is so impressed I believe it will be going on our Opel Vectra in the near future.  Thanks to everyone at Sign Warehouse and Diversified Display for making these events run so smoothly and a special thanks to Linda Ebbinghaus at Avery for coordinating everything from start to finish.
IMG_3824 registration
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