Dual Filmage

carwrap IMG_6869 IMG_6866Today I wrapped an Audi A6 with Avery brushed metallic and matte metallic film.  I love wrapping cars in two styles of films as it really gives me options in terms of making the vehicle unique.  The client, an employee of Avery, wanted to showcase Avery films so I even added a third film on the mirrors and door handles – black carbon.  The dark purple matte film really accented the titanium brushed finish.  I used Knifeless Tape on the hood along the contour so the purple matched the contour on the front bumper and spread out to match the purple roof.  To clean and protect the finished wrap, I applied Croftgate Wrapcare JP Matte.  Super cool to finish a nice wrap like this before a long workshop trip starting tomorrow. 

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