First Round of School of Wrap Completed


I just finished the first two Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap workshops and they were a big success. The two hands-on workshop for both Orlando and Dallas were filled with students really eager to learn which always makes it a really fun program to teach. For these 2-day workshops along with the remaining 8 scheduled for 2011 the students learn the fundamentals of my UGIS system on Day 1 and then on Day 2 they wrap a cargo van along with learning how to wrap bumpers and door handles.

The certification tests went well. I want to congratulate Mike Colbath from Yukon Trophy and Awards, Inc. and David Norat of Brush Fire Graphics for passing the test. They are now Avery Certified Installers and will be listed on Avery’s new website and given a certificate.

The next round of workshops and certification are coming up in about 6 weeks in LA and Phoenix. In LA, it will be held at NuSign and in Phoenix at Mutoh Headquarters. For more information on the workshops and certification go to:

Thanks as always to everyone at Avery and Mutoh for their help coordinating this and to Sign Warehouse and Proveer for hosting. A special thanks to Linda Ebbinghaus from Avery.


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