Great testimonial

This is a testimonial a student from my last workshop sent to Mutoh.  The kind words were much appreciated and, equally important, I think he really defined what I do and how it is different from what everyone else is teaching.

“After having attended a few other wrap training classes I was still facing struggles with installs that took longer than expected.  I did some searching on the web and found stellar reviews for Justin Pate and the Mutoh Hands-On Wrap Class.  It was clear that with his years of experience, Justin had developed a unique system to break down the complexity of wrap installations.  I felt that learning them first-hand was a necessity to decrease overall installation times and increase our profits.

The class far exceeded my expectations from the get go.  Justin took the time to explain materials, tools, vendors, techniques and more.  He went over his UGIS technique in detail, with numerous visual and hands-on examples. I couldn’t believe that this system hadn’t been “required teaching” by the major material vendors.  With over 2500+ installs under his belt, it was clear to see that there was a well thought process behind developing his technique.  His has made the UGIS easy to understand, simple learn and a breeze to execute.

In previous classes, we were encouraged to use heat to stretch the material into any space, this however led to premature failure and obvious re-do’s. In fact, the entire class was in awe when Justin installed the side of a Ford Transit using UGIS and no heat. Justin showed us how to “visually read” the material so that we could minimize film distortion. We learned to use proper hand tension and tool technique instead of heat to make the material conform, as we needed.  This knowledge alone has saved us countless hours in install time and re-do’s.

I cannot say enough good things about Justin and what I learned in this class, it’s truly a game changer in our shop.  It will increase production efficiency and quality, which in turn will lead to bigger profits.  My only regret is that I was unable to attend the Advance Workshop the following day. Had I been able to change my flight, I surely would have made it!”

Elmer Martinez

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