Justin endorses the Squeezy Sleeve

When Justin first started installing in the Netherlands a fellow installer handed him the Squeezy Sleeve.  Justin tried it out and was very impressed by how it performed.  A few months later, Squeezy hired Justin for a big account.  Justin subsequently became friends with Mario Schaper, co-owner of Squeezy.  He told Justin the history of the sleeve and how it works.  Justin was blown away by all of the other aspects that the sleeve had – mainly in terms of Controltac and air channel technology. 

Justin now hands out the Squeezy Sleeves in his workshops and sign shows.  Justin is very choosy when asked to endorse a product but he really believes that the graphics industry, mainly his fellow installers, can really benefit from this product.  Justin thinks the Squeezy Sleeve is the real deal.

Justin and the owners of Squeezy introduced the Squeezy Sleeve to the U.S. market live in the Mutoh booth at the  ISA Sign Show – Las Vegas from April 16-18.  Justin did his demontrations using the Squeezy Sleeve and he along with Niels Langedijk, co-owner of Squeezy, wrapped a Prius in 1 hour , 29 minutes.  All thanks to the Sleeve.

For more information and to order the Squeezy Sleeve go to: www.squeezysleeve.com

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