I Promise, No Doping


I did the first of 8 BMW cars for Rabobank on Friday for APlus Reclame in the Netherlands.  Thank god for Knifeless Tape as this wrap consisted of separate colored films – 3M 1080 orange and white and 3M 100 series blue.  Also, a nice bonus as the vehicles will all be wrapped at the BMW dealership which means a mechanic will take all the hardware off beforehand and put it back on when finished.  True luxury.  Starting tomorrow I begin on the remaining 7 with the goal to be done by Friday.  A very cool job all around though a bit sad to know they won’t be seen on the Tour de France this year.  Rabobank stopped the sponsorship for the men’s racing team and is now only focusing on the women and development teams.  I actually had to pass a blood and urine test before my first squeegee stroke (joking).








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