ISA Show in Orlando


The ISA show in Orlando this past weekend went really, really well.  The crowd turnout at Mutoh’s booth was big with lots of people inquiring about the Carwraps Business Builder and my videos/workshops.  Todd LaBrie, owner of Carwraps, and myself did 3 demos a day, highlighting the strengths of our program which is efficiency and quality.  I used Avery’s new 1005 Supercast film for the demos and people were very into it.  I think this is going to be a very good product for Avery.  High quality media that prints and installs extremely well for an excellent price point.   Smart on their part to make the price point the same as their old 1005 Easy Apply RS.   The people at Mutoh, particularly Randy “The Man” Anderson, went out of their way to make sure the booth looked great.  Always a pleasure to do the demos for Mutoh.   The next U.S. event on the horizon is the hands-on workshop at Sign Warehouse from May 10-12.  For more info on the workshop go to:


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