January Overview – The Wrap Institute

Hello everyone, this is Justin from The Wrap Institute.  I hope everyone had a great start to 2014 and that the videos have helped you take it to the next level.  This was a very exciting month as it marked the official announcement of the site, which was received well beyond our expectations.  Also, the site is starting to come together in terms of flow and content which is exciting.  I will be in Texas in the next few days so I can sit down with the tech team in order to really take the site to the next level so look for big changes in February.

         In January the following videos were added: large vinyl cutouts, laptop wraps, deep recessed area overview, two full print recessed tips, clean cut full print recessed areas, reflective film overview, interior film overview, standard spoiler, laminating an IKEA table, used blade container, soft squeegee, chunky hinges, problem solving: lifting, problem solving: splitting and compound curve – van back. 

         In February, I am shooting three full days with the installers from Car Wrap City in Dallas.  I can’t say what we are shooting but it’s going to be spectacular and will be up on the site mid-February so look out for that. 

         As always, feel free to submit a video on cool tool or technique to help build the library, get recognition for yourself and win prizes.  For more info on this click on the Submit page. 

         We at The Wrap Institute are always open to feedback,  positive or negative, so always feel free to reach out as our goals is to provide the best platform for you to learn and make more money. 

         Thanks again for becoming a member and best of luck.


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