LA/Phoenix School of Wrap Completed









The latest round of the Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap is in the bag.  The first round took place at NuSign in Los Angeles and the second round at Mutoh Headquarters in Phoenix.  Both classes were exceptional with students really eager to learn and take it to the next level.  When you have students wanting to learn it makes my job that much easier.  In both workshops a cargo van was completely wrapped.  Its always funny to see their faces when I tell them to remove the wrap as soon as they are done.  All that hard work and in 10 minutes its gone.  After the vans the students had lots of time to work on the more difficult aspects of wrapping like mirrors, bumpers and door handles.  The media used for the workshops was Avery’s 1005SC Easy Apply RS with 1360 DOL.  As usual, everyone who had not worked with Avery before was blown away by its ease of use, printability and how it conforms so easily to curves.  All the media was printed on a Mutoh Valuejet.

As for the Avery Certification Test, 6 people passed.  Their names will be announced tomorrow.

The next round of workshops is coming up at the end of July/early August.  The workshop at the end of July in New Jersey is almost full so if you are on the east coast I would sign up now before its too late.  Go to:

Thanks to NuSign and Mutoh for all their help with the workshops and certification tests and a special thanks to Linda from Avery for being so super duper throughout the workshops.  I couldn’t have pulled this off on my own, especially with my broken arm.

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