Last Mutoh 2010 Workshop – Sold out

I’m really happy to announce that the workshop coming up at Mutoh in early December sold out (and very quickly at that).  To those of you interested in future workshops, the schedule for 2011 is being worked out and should be available at the beginning of December.   What I really liked about the interest in the workshop was the demand for the Advanced class.  This was something I added this year based on reviews from the 2009 Mutoh School of Wrap course.  It always pays to listen to the customers.  As always, the workshop is sponsored by Avery and we will be using the 1005 Supercast with the 1360 1.3mm overlam and the graphics printed on a Mutoh Valuejet.  During the workshop, we will fully wrap Randy Anderson’s car (he works for Mutoh) and we will have several other vehicles to work on.  What I particularly like about this workshop is that the attendees will get to learn more in depth about the printing and laminating process as the Mutoh techs and Royal Soverering will be there to do demos.

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