Love the New Lam

Yesterday I wrapped two scooters.  Normally, wrapping a scooter makes me want to jump out the nearest window or quit wrapping and become a garbage man.  However, times are different.  The film I used was Avery’s 1005 Supercast along with then new Supercast overlam.  What a big, big difference.  For lack of a better word, the film just kind of breathed onto the application surface.  What I mean by this is that I used very little heat on the entire wrap.  Instead, I used very subtle adjustments when I pulled on the film.  The film just kind of knew where I wanted it to go and went there.  I had used this combination of film/overlam before but it was on a fairly easy car.  To use this combination on something as curvy and challenging as the scooters, well, I have to hand it to Avery.  Thanks to Paul Roba from Avery for the guidance and hook up.  I look forward to more wraps with this film, even on scooters.

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