Merry X-mas Mom

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For X-mas this year, my mom asked me to wrap her car so that it looked like wood.  I thought this would be a good chance to experiment with a new combination of film/overlam.  For the Mutoh workshops/signshows for 2009 I used Avery 1005 Easy Apply RS film with a 2.0mm overlam.  I like a thinner overlam for it helps the film conform better to bumpers and recessed areas so, for my mom’s wrap, I used Avery’s glossy 1.3mm overlam.  The thinner overlam really made a big difference in how the film conformed to curves and recessed areas.  It was also just as easy to handle as the 2.0 overlam, an added bonus.  I highly recommend this combination of film/overlam (1005 Easy Apply RS/1.3mm glossy overlam) and will it for all my sign shows and workshops in 2010.  I would like to shout out a few thank you’s for helping make this wrap happen.  For the design, Todd LaBrie and Chalong Nanthamong of Carwraps created the file/art work.  Randy Anderson and Ken Parsley of Mutoh did the printing/shipping.  Lance Hutt, Molly Waters and Ron Winter of Avery coordinated/supplied the Avery film and overlam.  Rob Rule and Kyle of Signs Now in Boise for letting me use their space and helping out when needed. Now my mom is the coolest 72 year old driving around Boise.  Merry X-mas and  a Happy New Year.


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