Mutoh School of Wrap – Advanced Dec. 12

The advanced class for the December Mutoh School of Wrap workshop was a true pleasure to teach.  All the students had taken the 2-day Basic/Intermediate workshop so we could really build on my Universal Graphic Installation System.  I was truly amazed at quickly the students picked up all the tips and tricks, especially when we got to bumpers and doorhandles.  The students really understood the concept that with a fluid system wrapping a bumper is no different than wrapping a hood.  Sometimes I felt like Yoda but they understood that with sound technique and the right approach all vehicles become the same which leads to high standards of quality, durability and efficiency.

I think one big factor that helped the learning process was the Avery 1005 Supercast with 1360 1.3mm overlam.  The low tack and supreme flexibility of the Supercast really gives installers a sense of confidence and flow.  Over the course of 3 days the students plowed through 150 yards of film, by far the most for a School of Wrap workshop.  This is a testament to how hard the students worked.  Thanks to everyone at Mutoh for all their help and for a great 2010 School of Wrap.  I’m really looking forward to next year which will have more dates.

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