New Demos and Workshops

Justin will be teaching a workshop in Los Angeles on August 6 and 7.  The workshop is being hosted by Mutoh and Carwraps as part of their nationwide program to teach people the skills of graphic installation.  It is a two day intensive workshop that provides attendeess with hands on training.  Justin will clearly explain his Universal Graphic Installation System that allows an installer to work on any vehicle and achieve top level quality and reduce mistakes.  Justin has used this system to wrap over 2000 vehicles both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Justin will also be doing more demonstrations at Mutoh’s booth for several of the upcoming sign shows.  In Long Beach at the NBM Sign Show from July 30 through August 1, Justin will do two demonstrations a day.  In the morning he will explain his Universal Graphic Installation System and then in the afternoon he will demonstrate its full potential by wrapping a Prius in under 90 minutes.  

Other upcoming sign shows will take place in Chicago, New Orleans and Las Vegas.  More details as those dates get closer.

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