Nice Feedback from SC

James Gregorie, owner of Pleasant Details in Charleston, SC:

“Justin came to my shop for a two day advanced training workshop in January of 2013. It was an absolute game changer. Although we have been wrapping vehicles for about a year we felt our installers would benefit from some advanced technique tips and training from the best. We knew we were slow but had hit a ceiling, couldn’t seem to move any faster and everyone was getting frustrated. Well, it ended up being extremely valuable to me as well. From new tools and new techniques to figuring out that our printers were melting the adhesive, we have become sooooo much more efficient. Once we implemented everything Justin taught us, we instantly saw that the investment in him and his workshop paid for itself. It used to take 4 of my installers 2 full 9 hr days to complete a Sprinter full wrap. The day after Justin left we had a Sprinter come in for a full wrap.  It took 3 installers 7 hours to complete and the quality was much higher than before. I was in shock. I would recommend Justin’s private workshop to anyone in this industry that wants  higher quality work with much faster turn around times.”

So cool when clients pick up the training tips and tricks so quick.

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