Oh Canada

The two wrap classes in Canada are completed – a workshop for Proveer in Burnaby and an Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap in Toronto.  The students were just great, super eager to learn and tackle all the nuances of carwrapping.  For both classes, the film used was Avery’s 1005 Easy Apply RS and the Supreme Wrapping film.  The workshop in Burnaby was held at a hotel which was extra nice because it meant I could take the elevator to the class as opposed to drive.  Always a plus.  Thanks to everyone at Proveer, Avery and Mutoh for making all this happen.  I am currently finishing up the LA workshop which I’ll blog about shortly.

The upcoming round of the School of Wrap workshops will be in September – New Jersey and Chicago.  New Jersey is sold out but there are 2 spots remaining for Chicago.  To sign up go to: http://www.na.averygraphics.com/AvGrNA_avery_wrap_school.asp

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