Pim Smit Art Car

Right before heading off to LA 2 weeks ago I wrapped up an extra special car for artist Pim Smit.  Pim bought a Volvo 780 Bertone which he then created a design for.  I then wrapped it up, leaving a strip of white on the back for his signature.  I have wanted to work with an artist for years now so it was a great opportunity for me.  There is something special about putting good artwork on a vehicle.  I hope to do more of these in the future.  Thanks to Pim for the opportunity, Knibbe Lettering for printing it up and for the use of their space for the install and Paul Roba from Avery for supplying the Avery Supercast and a sample of their new overlam that will be coming out in October.  The overlam is something else.

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