Presentation for Dutch Car Dealers

On March 21, I gave paintwrap demonstrations for BOVAG members (a Dutch car dealership organization) at their annual meeting.  During the demos, I wrapped the hood of an Audi stationwagon in order to show how paintwrap film is applied.  It is always amazing to watch the faces of people who see paintwrap film being applied for the first time, especially car dealers.  In the end, I turned the blue Audi into “brand new” dark and light metallic gray.  It was definitely one of the more exciting events that I’ve done.  Many thanks to Wop Business Events for hiring me and for all the help they provided throughout the process.  A special thanks to Frank Jonker and everyone at Avery for supplying the Avery Supreme Wrapping Film and handout material.

Here’s a video from the event:

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