Private for Pleasant Details


I just got done teaching a 2-day private workshop for Pleasant Details in Daniel Island, SC.  Pleasant Details is well known for their paint protection work and are now transitioning into full color car wraps and paintwraps.  On Day 1 of the workshop we wrapped a Sprinter from start to finish that they had lined up for a client (pictured).  On Day 2 we covered a wide variety installation techniques on bumpers, mirrors, door handles and much more.  One thing to note, before the workshop that XL Sprinter took them 2 days to complete with 4 installers.  The day after I left it took 3 installers 7 hours to finish.  Quite a jump in such a small amount of time which is super cool.  Its really nice to see people absorb what they learned so quickly.  Thanks to everyone at Pleasant Details for bringing me in and the warm hospitality.   Also, a special thanks to Paul Roba from Avery Dennison for supplying the practice material and Kawasumi Yumiko from NT Cutter for supplying the knives.

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