Private workshop for Sojourn in Halifax

I’m on my way back to Amsterdam after teaching a 2-day private vehicle wrap workshop for a company called Sojourn in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Sojourn has been doing a few wraps but wanted to up their game so they can really get a big piece of the market.  Their goal is to be able to not only get faster but raise the quality and durability of the wraps.  Job accomplished.  On Day 1 I worked one-on-one with Matt, their lead installer, wrapping a Dually with Avery’s 1005 Supercast film with the 1.3mm overlam.   Everyone at the company was blown away by how well the Supercast prints and how easy it is to apply.  On Day 2, I gave a basic/intermediate workshop for 6 of their employees.  They picked up the basics in the morning and then wrapped a pick-up truck in the afternoon, starting off with the hood.

I then moved on to more complex aspects like wrapping the bumper.

I was extremely pleased with how quickly they picked up my UGIS and I see big things in the future for Sojourn.

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