Private workshops in LA completed

I just got done teaching two private workshops in LA.  The first one was for Icon Image Graphics and the second was a one-on-one for Craig, co-owner of a Sign O’Rama in Perth, Australia.  The students for both workshops were experienced installers looking to lower their installation times and find new tips and techniques for the more challenging aspects of vehicle installations.  Craig said at the end of the workshop today that it was well worth the time and travel.   He feels that from what he picked up he has lowered his time per vehicle by 1-2 hours.  With 50 vehicles on tap for the rest of the year it adds up to a big profit.  Its nice to see that more and more people get my message which is that quality, durability and speed can be combined if you have the right system and technique. A special thanks to Avery for supplying the 1005 Supercast with 1.3mm overlam and Mutoh for printing up the perfect prints on their Valuejet.

Here’s a video from the Icon Image Graphics workshops:

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