School of Wrap – Texas

The Avery/Mutoh School of Wrap held at Sign Warehouse in Denison, TX is in the bag.   There were 16 people who took the 2-day workshop.   It was definitely one of the toastier workshops as there was a heat wave going on (I think for both days it was 110 degrees outside).  Even though it was warm, the Avery 1005 Supercast was super easy to apply which amazed the attendees.   They were expecting the film to grab the vehicle but they could easily reposition the film.  This is a huge advantage for car wrapping, especially in places like Texas.  During the workshop the students worked on a conversion van, two sedans and they completely wrapped a Miata in leopard print.  Thanks to Deanna from Sign Warehouse for providing the Miata and the ice cream birthday cake (my birthday was on Aug. 3).

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