SEMA – Great way to end the year

sema 1SEMA 2009 just came to a close and what a great show.  Since it was a car show I didn’t know what kind of response people would have to my demos and the Carwraps Business Builder that Mutoh launched at this show.  To my very pleasant surprise it was the best show of the year both in the size of the crowds and how people really get the program and are excited by it.  I did my 2 demos a day with the help of Sandra Schreuder, one of my favorite installers who was in town from the Netherlands.   She came here with her boyfriend, Niels Langedijk, co-owner of Squeezy, the premiere installation company in the Netherlands.  For the demos I used Oracal film that was printed on a Valuejet.  Todd LaBrie, owner of Carwraps, would take over the mic when Sandra and I would wrap the passenger side.  Todd LaBrie would explain in detail about the Carwraps Business Builder that now comes free with a Mutoh printer.  Essentially it is:  for one year, any new Mutoh customer gets access to the HD installation videos I created, Todd LaBrie’s design videos, discount for hands-on training and then, after a testing period, the printers/installers get listed on Carwraps which is America’s #1 website.  This will generate leads for the customers.  This separates Mutoh from every other printer out there in that their customers get a great printer, they will learn how to design/install and get leads.  A business in a box.  Cool stuff.

I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight and tomorrow then flying to Sign Warehouse for the sold out hands-on workshop which is sponsored by Mutoh and Avery.  After all the hardwork this year, its nice to see things start to really come together.  Viva Las Vegas.

vegas 2

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