Speedwrap workshop for 3M Sweden

From February 24-27, Justin completed teaching two Speedwrap workshops for 3M Sweden. The first of which was held at Layout-Dekor in Gnesta, Sweden. The second workshop was held at Brand Factory in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshops were created to fine tune the Speedwrap Module in accordance with 3M Sweden’s MCS warranty program.

The idea is that the participants will go through 3 training modules in order to receive MCS installer status from 3M Sweden.  Installers with MCS status will be given access to all MCS accounts which are premium level.

The first module is basics, the second is carwrapping and the third is the speedwrapping.  Because the Speedwrap Module is the most advanced workshop it focuses not only on the installation but other aspects involved before and after a wrap . First, the module will fine tune techniques and create speed for fleet wrapping. Second, there is time spent on how to create communication between installers, salespeople and designers.

This significantly reduces stress and time lost as well as increases profits. Third, installers and salesman are shown how to promote and create new markets using the latest materials on the market.

More information will be available when the MCS warranty program is finalized in the coming months.

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