Squeezy Carwrap Workshop – Sept. 6

The 3M sponsored Carwrap training at Squeezy on Sept. 6 was a big success.  We have now paired the workshop down to two trainers for 10 people which creates a great flow throughout the day.  All the participants were very active and kept on practicing the techniques until they got them right.  Workshops can be very hit or miss this way so its always refreshing to get an eager group.  As per usual, Ruben van Raam was spot on with his theory training.  Herman and I then talked about recessed areas and how to approach them with different media – in this case it was IJ380 and 85 series.  After lunch Herman talked about cleaning, hardware removals and planning then I did a Speedwrap demo by wrapping the side of a car.  After this, people worked on cutting and installation techniques upstairs while I took different groups downstairs to show how to wrap difficult bumpers – always the thing people want to see most and, why not?  Bumpers are not easy unless a couple of tricks are learned.  Thanks always to Niels Langedijk for setting up the trainings at Squeezy.  The next one is in a week – Basic training.  For the full schedule go to:  www.squeezy.nl.

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