Squeezy workshop a success

squeezy 2

The pilot training session for Squeezy’s new 3M sponsored carwrap training took place today.  7 attendees participated in the training which focused on 3M IJ380 and 85 films.  Squeezy’s training facility is first rate with a dedicated training room that includes a wide array of mounted doors.  This is for focusing on the more complex aspects of applications like compound curves and deep recessed areas.   In their main installation space there are two vehicles that serve as practice for learning the general story of car wrapping.  Niels Langedijk, owner of Squeezy, has really gone out of his way to make this a first rate program.  I am very happy to be a part of this new endeavor as it has the potential to set the quality standard for car wrapping and paint replacement.  A special thanks to Ruben van Raam of 3M for helping with this project and for instructors Sandra and Herman for being so damn cool.

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