Stealth wrap

Earlier this week, I wrapped 3 stealth bomber cars for Knibbe Lettering in Amsterdam.  The vehicles are for a Volkswagon commercial for their new Caddy.  All 3 vehicles/wraps were identical.  The idea is that inside each bomber is a different car, including the new Caddy.  Current Caddy drivers will be asked to drive the cars to see if they can guess which one is a Caddy.  The idea is that the new Caddy is so much better that they won’t be able to tell.  At least I think this is the idea, my Dutch isn’t super good yet.  The wraps are only on for a week so calendar film was used – specifically Avery 500.  And why not calendar?  The vehicle is as flat as can be without even a moderate curve.  I wish all cars were like this.  Thanks as always to Reduan from Knibbe for the work and to Volkswagon for making a cool commercial.

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