Thank you, Private

I want to say thanks again for all the companies that had me come in to teach a private workshop.  I love private workshops as they give me a chance to really dial into a few installers and figure out exactly what they need to take it to the next level.  It also gives me a chance to eat some really good local food like BBQ in Nashville, Malaysian in Brunei, great steak in Texas and much more.  A special thanks to Paul Roba at Avery for supplying 50 yards of practice material for each workshop and to Yumi Kawasumi at NT Cutter for supplying the A-551P knives.  For more information on private workshops always feel free to shoot me an e-mail at  Here are some pics from several of the workshops – Texoma Wraps (Denison), 12-Point Signworks in Nashville and iDesign Concept in Brunei.

photo-1 cw-2 (Large)
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IMG_1089 photo-3
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