The Latest Avery Certified Installers

Congratulations to the following installers as they passed the Avery Certification Test.  All of these installers will now be listed at: and be given an official certificate that will help them get leads and new clients. is the number one site on Google for car wrap searches which makes it better than any other site or listing for installers in terms of immediate recognition and bids.

Sean Olson – Sign Parrot – Tampa, FL

Jason Baldridge – Sign Parrot – Tampa, FL

Steve Foster – SQ Installers – Acworth, GA

Ian Schofield – EGO Studios – Portage, MI

Blake Cleven – Hightower Graphics Inc. – Indianpolis, IN

John Lawson – USA Image – Louisville, KY

Rob Blair – Warning Lights of Alaska, Inc – Anchorage, Ak

Colin Gillette – BR Wraps – Abbotsford, BC

Stewart – Wiebe – BR Wraps – Abbotsford, BC

Edmund Karam – Lucent Ads – Costa Mesa, CA

Shane Bossert – Boss Signs – Sparks, NV

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