Welcome to the jungle, baby

leopard print

Avery gave me 25 yards of their new supercast film to try out because it will be the film I will use in my advanced hands-on workshops for Mutoh and Avery this year.  Avery’s new supercast film exceeded all my expectations.  On many areas that I normally use a little bit of heat the film simply conformed perfectly to the area with minimal tension.  The best way to explain how the film felt during the application was that it was like driving a super luxury car.  It did everything I have always wanted a film to do with the greatest of ease.  A truly extraordinary film.  Also, the film printed very well – the colors clean and sharp.  I would like to thank Knibbe Lettering (www.knibbe.nl) for printing the wrap.  At Avery, Molly Waters and Hans Bruins did a great job in coordinating the delivery of the supercast film and lamination.  My wife and daughter love leopard print so they are very happy to have it on our car.  Anything for my ladies.

leopard back

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