Workshop #1 at Sign Warehouse completed


This is the group pic of the basic/intermediate group for the Mutoh School of Wrap workshop at Sign Warehouse in Texas.  This was a really great group of students – very eager to learn and get deep into the process.  Over two days they got up to speed on my UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation system and wrapped a box truck for a local high school and a mini-van for Sign Warehouse.

They really enjoyed working with the Avery 1005 Supercast film with the 1.3 overlam.  I think the three things they liked about it was the initial low tack which made it very easy to reposition, how well it conformed to curves and that it prints great.  All the graphics were printed by a Mutoh Valuejet which meant that they were perfect.  Tomorrow is the advanced class and then I’m heading back home to be with my ladies.  A special thanks to Larry Adams and everyone at Sign Warehouse for helping make this a great workshop and to Crystal Baus and Chris Prince at Mutoh for all their hard work in promoting and with administration.


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