The Wrap Institute July Newsletter

Upcoming video for TWI

Upcoming video for TWI

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone – We hope that everyone had a good July. For TWI, July has been a month preparing for some big shoots for August through November.

As a consequence of focusing on the bigger picture, only 5 videos were added this month:

– Microwave

– Refrigerator

– Coffee Maker

– Wall Accent Piece

– Kitchen Makeover (overview of cost/prep)

Starting in mid-August, new tool videos will be added: basic tool set, masking tape, adhesive promoters, double sided tape, rivet tools. For installation videos we are planning on a boat, Xbox/Nintendo, windows, plane, fleet of Ford Transits, golf cart, layout tips for full print, how to price wraps and much more.

Very exciting news: on Aug. 23 we will be wrapping Frank Fellers’ 2013 Ford Raptor in gold chrome at TWI headquarters in Dallas. The new wrap will be with Avery Dennison gold chrome that has been laminated with 1460 DOL. Many videos are planned to come out of this shoot so keep an eye out for them as Frank is a great resource for information and good selling points for wraps. Plus, his Raptor has some interesting additions like a complicated spoiler which the IR heater will come in handy with.

Thanks as always for being part of the wrap community and keep on getting better.

– Justin


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