• “I sought Justin out to create the installation training for Carwraps simply because he has a gift for clearly explaining and teaching the complicated art of vehicle graphic installations.”
    by Todd LaBrie - owner and CEO of Carwraps
  • “The Techniques and Tips series is simply the most thorough and infomative training system I have seen for graphic installations. I recommend it to all Mutoh owners.”
    by Randy Rickert - VP/General Manager of Mutoh USA
  • “In September of 2008, 3M Netherlands introduced me to Justin. After meeting with him and watching his DVDs I hired him for a 12-vehicle job near Rotterdam. My employees reported back to me that Justin was as good as his reputation. Shortly afterwards I confirmed 3 very large jobs that involve Squeezy having to complete 60 full wraps a week through June 8, 2009 and then 1500 more vehicles beginning Aug.1. I have 20 installers who work for me full-time but given this volume I still need to hire outside help. Justin was the first person that came to mind. He has now completed a full month on the job and it’s been a pleasure. His work ethic is solid, he shows up on time, has no ego and his wraps come out to the quality that is needed here in the Netherlands, which is exceedingly high. Justin is also extremely fast. We're still trying to figure out how he does it. He makes it look so easy that you don't realize he just completed an entire side in one and a half hours. Remarkable stuff.”
    by Niels Langedijk - Co-owner of Squeezy
  • “I did a vehicle seminar class on Wednesday. I was promoting Realwraps, recommending they get it, wrote the website on the board, etc. One of the guys in the class said he had it and it was great. He told everybody about it! He was in awe about how fast Justin could do the wraps and all by himself. I agreed and told this guy to watch the video and practice practice practice! The place was called Vynlwerks in San Diego.”
    by Eileen T. Burke, Senior Account Representative
    3M Graphics Market Center / Commercial Graphics

    3M Graphics
  • “I quite honestly never thought anyone could wrap vehicles as fast as Justin does. Not only does he work fast and super clean but also he does it day in and day out, year after year. After watching Justin work and checking out the video I lowered my time per vehicle by 2 hours.”
    by Shad Interligi - RealHit Media
  • “Justin is the fastest installer that we have worked with and his work always comes out looking great no matter how many vehicles we throw at him. We are amazed at what he can handle.”
    by Trash Talk FCM, Sarah Deaton, VP, Operations
  • “Having been in the Vehicle Graphics business since 1995, Justin Pate is the quickest, best I have ever seen work. He’s the most professional graphic installer I have ever worked with.”
    by Kevin O'Connor, Owner of Enhance a Colour
  • “Buswraps.com has had a very solid history of great work and happy clients in our dealings with Justin Pate. His work always exceeds the industry standards so we don't have to worry about complaints and his speed and reliability are without question among the best in the industry. We use him whenever appropriate for our work and recommend him heartily.”
    by Scott L. Thomas, Buswraps
  • “Justin Pate is the most reliable installer I have ever dealt with. I had a situation with a bad lot of material and Justin traveled from New York to Atlanta to fix a bus wrap and from Atlanta to Daytona to fix another. Always on time, always neat, always reliable and that's the truth! Quite simply, Justin is the Michael Jordan of wraps.”
    by Stuart Standard, CEO of Fuse Printing
  • “Justin has been a huge part of our Plug's success over the last 5 years. He has brought superior quality, professionalism and craftsmanship to the vehicle wrap business and is a pioneer in his field.”
    by Phil Paradise, Owner of Plug Digital


Justin Pate is regarded as the foremost authority on auto wraps in the world.