Wrap Care Series

“I was honored that Croftgate USA asked me to help them develop a wrap care series for prepping and protecting car wraps. After months of testing, there are now four great products.”

– Justin Pate


Cleaning and protecting a finished wrap with the right products is critical in order to maintain long-term quality.
The Wrap Care Series has two products specifically geared to a variety of different car wrap films.

Wrap Care Product

I can control the quality of an install from start to finish, but once the vehicle leaves my garage all bets are off. Mother Nature and general wear and tear can lower the quality of the car wrap over time. Full print, gloss and chrome films become dull over time and textured films like carbon or brushed metallic fill with dirt/mold that cannot be removed. Now, with CroftgateUSA Wrap Care JP, I can help protect the car-wrap before it leaves my shop, and customers can take home their own bottle to use after washing the car. This means that the wrap will look brand new for years to come. This ensures happy clients and a great reputation that attracts new customers.

Justin Pate JP Matte Wrap Care product

Matte wraps are notoriously difficult to maintain. Oil is almost impossible to remove and dirt can build up on the surface area quickly, particularly with white matte finishes. Wrap Care JP-M easily solves these issues and more. Wrap Care JP-Matte safely and effectively cleans oil and dirt from the surface as well as adding a protective layer. This layer keeps oil and dirt from building up on the surface for months while, at the same time, it keeps the film from drying out.


Surface Prep and Adhesive/Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner work seamlessly together to create the optimal application surface.
Surface Prep used with a micro fiber towel cleans the surface effectively and quickly.
The Adhesive/Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner is used after Surface Prep to remove any adhesive residue and oil on the surface.

Justin Pate's Surface Prep product

Cleaning is the most important step in the carwrapping process. I recommend cleaning the car twice – once with a general cleaner and a degreaser. For years, I used white vinegar as the general cleaner and isopropyl alcohol to degrease. Now, for general cleaning, I use Surface Prep. It thoroughly cleans the application surface quickly, and it works better than white vinegar (CroftgateUSA told me the lab results, plus it doesn’t smell like I’m marinating the car anymore).


Justin Pate's car wrap surface cleaner

Having the right adhesive and tar remover can mean the difference between an easy or long day. The CroftgateUSA Adhesive and Tar Remover softens adhesive fast and effectively, and it removes stubborn tar particles and bugs. More importantly, it is not petroleum-based, which makes for a safer working environment both short and long term.